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How often do you say to yourself, I’m anything but ordinary? The answer is probably not very often if you’re like the majority of individuals. However, if you’re a blogger in Boston named Mindy, A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger, the answer might be different – because she means it!

How many fashion bloggers can say that they’ve run their own business since the age of 21? That’s what makes Mindy so special – as well as her unique approach to blogging about Boston Fashion and life in general.


What started it all, A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger

What started the blog, however, was simply Mindy’s passion for all things fashion. She originally came up with the idea to start a fashion blog after she found a funny way to showcase her style. I would wear colorful outfits to work and my coworkers would always comment on how it made them happy, she said. I finally just put together an Instagram page as a joke – I mean, I wasn’t starting a blog.

To her surprise, that fake Instagram account gained hundreds of followers in just one week. Mindy said that she realized then that other people wanted this kind of content too, A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger. So, she made it into an actual blog and took the concept seriously from there.

How does A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger work?

Mindy is a fashionista who lives and breathes New England. She began her blog after graduating from college when she decided to explore the world of blogging to make money on the side. With an eye for styling, fashion, and all things Boston, this blogger will take you on a tour through style in the most classic (and chic) way.

From classic hats to stylish statement necklaces, Mindy will find beauty in everything she does and wants to show you how! If you want tips for layering during fall or how to dress professionally, she’s got it covered. The best part? It’s all happening in Massachusetts – Boston.

Biggest Mistakes Made in Beginning of A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger

Mindy left a great job as an attorney to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions, and she has found success. The blog, A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger, has flourished in a very short time, and its popularity is soaring. However, Mindy did not have much experience with marketing or fashion blogs before starting the mix of min I Boston fashion blogger, so here are some lessons that she learned along the way:

  • Promote your work on other popular blogs to get feedback on your writing style or sense of design.
  • It’s essential to join social media sites that allow you to connect with others who share your interests (such as Pinterest).

Biggest Challenges as An Upcoming Online Entrepreneur

Recently, I had the opportunity to get to know Mindy. She’s been working as a full-time blogger for the past four to five years, and in that time, she’s made some great strides toward developing her style as well as her blog. Mindy has found some challenges along the way such as finding inspiration and trusting judgments.

Mindy said,

  • My biggest challenge is finding out what my voice is.
  • I want to do what I love, which is fashion styling and creative writing.
  • But I’m not sure which one it should be or how much each should play in my life.

Mindy’s advice to young girls, who want to become an online entrepreneur

Mindy gives some pretty awesome advice to all of her readers who might want to become online entrepreneurs.

  • Her main piece of advise is to avoid being intimidated.
  • Mindy shares that before she became a full-time blogger, she was scared and discouraged because the first few years were hard. But when she embraced her failures and developed a routine, everything started coming together for her.
  • She admits that even today with so many social media accounts out there, people will always have something negative to say about your posts and your images. People are always going to judge you, especially on social media when they don’t know you or who you are as a person. This means that you should never let someone else’s opinion stop you from doing what makes YOU happy!

Final words…

A mix of min I Boston fashion blogger is a great success for Mindy but I must say many other things come with success. You have to ignore some things, some voices which come to your mind and stop you from that thing you love the most.

Everything takes time but consistency is the key. Plus. Nowadays when fashion world changes a lot. Technology provides comfort to businesses and customers before buying a product. You have to update yourself with time and adapt to changes.

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